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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Steampunk Inventor's Room, some close up photos

 Here are some close up photos from the still unfinished Steampunk room. Two masks, a rollar periferal digitator, steamclock birds and bugs. Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments, I appreciate them so much. I've been also working on a quarter scale toy store for an article for AIM free on line mini magazine so I will look forward to getting back to this room soon.

More details from the right side of the desk, a tiny set of screw drivers and technical instruments.

Above is a photo of wind up fan and solar powered Steampunk tea caddy with a close up of the tea caddy. It automatically pours your tea and the teas are stored in the large box.

A photo showing the steamy effect in the ceiling.

A stand alone magnifier, crystal powered for amazing magnifications.

Thank you so much for having a look,
Mini Hugs, Jean♥

Friday, July 2, 2010

Steampunk Inventor's Room

I just thought I would give you a peak at the Steampunk room box I'm making. Year's ago I purchased two vintage microscope cabinets from a miniature friend who's husband had worked at the hospital where he found these, he also put in flooring and wall paper. All these years I wasn't able to think of scenes for them and suddenly Steampunk came along and my collecting life started to make more sense. I have loved all the Steampunk Art, images and miniatures and thought these two cases would work perfectly, one for an inventor's room and the other for a Steampunk fashion designer's room.

Years ago I found a large box of pocket watch parts in a jewelry store that was closing out and they have been wonderful for this room. I have made all the tools on the desk and wall from watch parts. It seems in all the years I've collected odds and ends for miniatures I have more brass and metal bits than anything else. These pieces have come in so handy for all the inventions that are in the cabinets.

In 1987 I was given a fabulous miniature Balloon etching from John Anthony Miller called "Around the World" when I joined NAME association. I thought it made a wonderful picture for behind the work table.

I've been having such a great time inventing miniatures for this scene too.


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